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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

April 12, 2009 email

Hey everyone,
Thanks for writing. It is great to hear from everyone. I am
doing great. In Suva I stayed two nights with the APs and two nights with
the Zone leaders and just went to the doctor in the mornings. But we went
back on the long bumpy terrible bus ride and the doctor was amazed. He
that all the swelling is gone and it looks clear. The infection I had was
called psyudemonas argenosa or something like that and is a really terrible
hard to get rid of infection. He said he expected me to spend the next month
fighting it. But is was clear and I am good to go. He sucked more junk
then you could ever imagine out of my ear and I am good to go.

As for conference, we get a DVD sent to the branch and we watch it. We
also take them to all the far away villages and watch it with them, so I am

told I will watch conference a minimum of eight times. So no need to send
anything about it; I will pry memorize it.

I am excited. Richard G Scott comes here the 27th I think, which is gonna
be awesome. I am gonna get to
hear from him like three times I think.

My companion is great. He helps me a lot with Fijian and I learn tons of
Fijian culture from him. Ha ha! This
week I rode my bike through a methodist
church ceremony cause I did not know
what they were doing. I got some
really dirty looks and my companion almost
died laughing. But things are good.

My fijian is really basic and I can't understand everything, but I am improving
daily. So hopefully one day soon I
can consider myself fluent.

Umm work is going good. We have one baptismal date for the 25th and another
guy who is married to a less active is really
excited about being baptized. He
comes to church alone even though his wife
does not. He asks lots of awesome
questions. He has been taking lessons and
not done a whole lot with it for like
two years though so we're not giving
him a date till he has three weeks perfect

President lives and has lived in the chapel for the past like five years stake and
president both know, but no one does anything about it cause they don't
to make him and his family homeless. No clue what is going on. He is still
in his position because there is no other men members to make branch
president. He is the only man who can do it. Even though he crazy he is the
only member's hope. I have got some good stories about him.

Seminary and Institute are moving along. One nonmember girl came to Seminary
so that was good, even
though I think she just came to meet the pilangi who lives
in Rakiraki.

Institute is also going good. I learn alot in preparing and teaching these
lessons. I also had to teach our first class sunday and second last week.
Because our branch is so small, we have combined classes. Relief
Society/preiesthood/primary all together. I walk and ride bikes like crazy
so I think I am losing wieght, no clue though, since we don't have a scale.

Good news: we might be getting a washing machine, which would be awesome.
I hate
washing clothes by hand. Between sweat dirt and dirty buss seats, my white
shirts are turning brown/yellow and have some nasty stains, starting to look
like a Fijian.

The people here are awesome and I love them though, so I hope
I can have some good things happen. Well Love you all

Elder Wall

That is awesome about Florida. I am jealous. But what is the kid coming to
Fiji's name and what language is he speaking? That will determine where
he is going within the mission. we have a big board in the mission office of
incoming missionaries. Maybe I will get to train him. Cause the people are so awesome the potential is there we just need
an opperating branch first. Well Thanks for the letters.

Love Elder Wall

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